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Joseph Williams

Joseph Williams is the founder, CEO & President of InDev Capital and leads the overall direction of the firm.   Immediately before founding InDev Capital, Joseph founded an investment firm that evolved into a consolidation of a fragmented sector of the building products industry in Canada and the United States.

During his tenure as President of Artistic Stairs, he was deeply involved with residential developers and builders in Phoenix, Atlanta, Calgary and Edmonton.   He learned about the potential rewards and the risks associated with residential construction.  Through his leadership, through acquisition and internal growth Artistic grew from one office and $4M USD in sales to 5 offices and $62M USD in sales.

When the US housing market corrected, Joseph watched the Canadian market maintain a much firmer footing.  The importance of international markets became quite apparent.  In addition, he realized that the US housing correction may be deeper and longer than initially thought.  The last acquisition that he was a part of with Artistic came with a seasoned management team and Joseph sold his interest in the company and immediately moved to Brazil.   He had been coming to Brazil for several years, had studied business opportunities there, and realized that the emerging middle class in Brazil provided a more stable platform for residential housing and development.   Joseph also knew that Sao Paulo was the place to start to learn fast.

Through extensive travel, rigorous study of Portuguese, and extensive networking, he had the opportunity to meet several top people in the real estate development industry.  In particular, he had the opportunity to have a one on ones with one of top CEOs in the industry.  It was during this meeting the CEO said, '¨Everyone wants to invest in the big guys in the large cities but what is interesting is that some of the best investment opportunities are with smaller builders in smaller cities and specific regions of large cities.  However, the deals are hard to find and they need lots of work to prepare them for institutional investors.¨¨   At that point, the concept of InDev Capital began.

Joseph has an Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.  He has studied Portuguese at FAAP in Brazil for the past year and advanced to their highest level class for foreigners. His speaks and reads Portuguese and Japanese.